Reporting Absences

12 May 22

Kia ora parents/caregivers,

Please help us streamline our office administrators time working on key tasks.  You can do this by letting us know if your child/children are not attending school and the reason why.   If you do not let us know about absences, we have a list of parent/caregivers that we are required by the National Administration Guidelines to contact.  This often takes far too much time away from running school business.

A few changes from school…

  • we are not renewing the school cell phone that has been used for absence texting
  • we have our school website to report an absence at / Online forms / Reporting an absence – the instructions below are being updated on our website at the moment
  • we now have (one parent/caregiver contact only) set to receive an absence text from school – your reply will now come to us in email form which will speed up our processes.

In summary any absence message filled in on our website form or reply to an Otaika Valley School automated absence will come to a central email at school.

Instruction on our website

  1. There are two ways to report an absence – please state child’s name and reason absent
  2. leave a message on the school phone 094322731

Fill in the form

If we do not hear from you, you will receive a text message from the school office. It is important that you either reply to this text or call the school office (09422731).

National Administration Guideline

School responsibilities for student attendance

Your school is responsible for the first response to any absences.

Your school must:

  • have an attendance management policy
  • communicate your attendance rules to students and their families
  • follow up on absences
  • record and monitor attendance and absence data
  • work to improve attendance.


We wait in anticipation of either no communication because your child is at school OR your communication that they are absent and why.

Kind regards


On behalf of your Office Administrator

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