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Room 1 Information

The following information may be of help to you settling your child into school

Please feel free to contact Rick Sayer  |  Principal or Anna Keogh |  Class Teacher, if you have any concerns.


Please advise Jen in the office when your child is absent or you can use the school website – Online Forms/Report an Absence. We will text a message if we have not heard from families, this is for the safety of your child.

After School Care Programme

This programme is run as a service to our school community. All communications and enrolments must go through the school office.


School Assemblies will be held on Fridays at 9.05am in Room 4.

Bikes at School

Students must have covered shoes for bike riding.  We do have school helmets but children are welcome to bring their own named helmet.  Children may bring their own bikes, scooters, skates, etc.

Children’s property

Please name all children’s property (hats, swimming gear, towels, undies, shoes, etc).  There is a lost property collection outside Room 5 and we also have a lost property bucket in our class. Please ensure you send your child to school with a spare change of clothes each day and a rain jacket for wet days.

Dental treatment

You need to contact the dental service 0800 myteeth (0800 698 3384) oral health services Northland DHB.


During Terms 1 and 4 children must wear a hat with a brim when outside otherwise they need to play in the shaded areas. There is an option to buy a school hat from the office.  Sunscreen is available in classes to put on if needed.


Swimming takes place every day during Term1 and 4.  We swim from 2.00pm-2.30pm.  Please name all clothing and send to school in a named plastic bag or waterproof swimming bag.

Home Learning

There will be a home reader sent home each day, from Monday-Friday.  See Home Learning Book for more ideas (glued in books).  Please send your child to school with their reading book bag every day.


We have a sick bay for children who are unwell. If your child is sick, we will ring you and ask you to pick up your child as soon as possible.  If your child is sick, please keep them home.

Library day

Room 1’s Library day is Monday. Children can take home 5 books a week. Children will need to bring their library book bag to take books out.

Lucky Book Club

The brochures for these will be sent home with every child. You may choose to buy books but don’t feel you have to buy them. You will be notified in the newsletter when and if they will be provided.

Lunches and drinks

We have free school lunches every day for morning tea.  Please make sure your child has enough to eat for the second lunch break.  We also encourage them to have a piece of fruit, vegetable, cheese, nuts, raisins at 10.00am for fruit break.  Please also send your child with a named drink bottle that they can refill during the day.  Please let Jen and Anna know if your child has allergies/ dietary requirements.


A newsletter usually comes out via email once a fortnight and can also be accessed on our Otaika Valley School website.  we will be using Seesaw to communicate as well as to share work and will be in contact with you about signing up shortly.

Parent Teacher Group

The PTG group meets twice a term. It is a good way to meet other parents and helps raise funds for the school. Watch the newsletter or school facebook page for dates and times.

Public Health Nurse

The health nurse visits the school occasionally and is available to talk to if an appointment is made.

Stationery Packs

A stationery list is included in your enrolment pack.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this.


Swimming takes place each day, terms 1 and 4. Our time is 2.00pm until 2.30pm. Please name all clothing and send to school in a named plastic bag or waterproof swimming bag.

Toys and valuables

We strongly discourage these coming to school.