Ag and Flower Show Day Info and Itinerary

25 October 2023

Kia ora koutou

At Otaika Valley School we have always valued Ag and Flower Show Day for the benefits that it brings to children.  Not all children have the privilege to be around farm animals, therefore having lambs at school for about 12 weeks is a fantastic opportunity for all children.  In particular, the children who raise animals learn valuable lessons about being caring, responsible and nurturing.

The children have worked hard on their exhibits so please make time to come and view each classes creations.  Parents/grandparents/friends are all welcome to be involved.

There are a number of fun rural focused activities and yummy food available.

Our wonderful PTA will be selling food and drinks on the day. Please Note: There will be some school lunches available on Friday’s Ag day.



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    • Itinerary
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Ag and Flower Show (Prep Day)

Thursday 26th October 


NOTE: Please do not bring the Arum Lily to school as

this is a poisonous plant!






  • Children finish off a number of exhibits – please remember to bring all your required bits and bobs for our prep day tomorrow.
  • Teachers judge each other’s class – award certificates for display on Friday – a big job!
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Highly Commended


Ag and Flower Show Day

Friday 27th October

Ag Animal vehicles only are able to park on the field if fields are dry – calves normally kept at vehicle – keep separate – refer map for parking areas.

Lambs and goats to be penned in existing pen (beside staff carpark).

Children will need a change of clothes/togs and a towel and hat.

$$$ please bring small cash $1, $2 coins, $5, $10, to help the PTA manage their float.

The PTA have asked for volunteers for the day – this is your chance to give back and support this wonderful group of parents!


Itinerary for Ag and Flower Show Day (Friday)

9:00am – Roll call in class

9:07am – Classroom Flower Show Exhibit viewing for students (children with animals go straight to the field)  – teachers take own class on a school clockwise classroom walk thru

– Classes open for parents to view exhibits

9:15am  – Students with animals meet at the pens

9:30am – Animal judging starts

9:45am – Whole school sits down around the judging pens to watch the animal judging – 40 to 45 mins

  • 1 lamb pen –  lambs and all goats
  • 1 calf pen

–  Ribbons awarded in each pen after each section – Champion/Reserve Champion awarded for each pen

–  Champion ring for Overall Champion / Reserve Champion and cups

–  Completion of Champion round – children take animals to vehicles

–  Judges award cups/trophies

–  Parents can leave with animals

10:00am – Food tent starts for adults

10:30am – Children can go to the food tents – please be aware of noise around the pens as judging continues

10:45am – Some activities can start (not quad bikes)

11:15am –  Judging finished

Games start once judging finished (teachers to run these)

Children have participation cards to get ticked off – there will be a draw at the end for small treats

Teachers to run the following activities:

  1. Quad bike/trailer rides
  2. Sponge throwing at faces
  3. Gumboot throw
  4. Poop the Nail
  5. Frisbee Golf
  6. Sponge Races
  7. Water Slide to start approximately 12:30pm

1:00pm to 1:30pm depending on how things are going – round up activities

1:30pm-ish  – Ag Animal dress up parade

–  Ag Animal trophies awarded

– Participation activity drawn for chocolates

– Kiwi Bake off competition Award – Wooden Spoon Trophy

– Cake auction of competition cakes

– Thank you and tidy up



All cake entries to be delivered to the hall please, rather than the Library as originally planned.

Thankyou 🙂


Thank you Darcie for organising and running a very successful Book Fair!  If you haven’t had a chance yet, please head over to the Hall where there are a great selection of books to choose from!










We’re looking forward to a great day!

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