Week 3 Newsletter. Term 1 2024

Together We Grow  – Ka Tupu Kotāhi ai Tātou

Kia ora OVS whanau and Caregivers,

As we enjoy a great start to school and enjoy the warmth of the summer weather, it is important to note there are new developments on the horizon. The onset of a new government inevitably brings fresh legislation aimed at enhancing educational standards. One notable initiative is the introduction of the ‘Hour of Reading, Writing, and Math’ every day, a move designed to bolster foundational skills in our students. Here at OVS, we are proactively evaluating our timetables and curriculum content to ensure alignment with these new requirements, further solidifying our commitment to academic excellence.

Additionally, the new legislative change regarding the use of phones at school has caught attention. However, I am pleased to inform you that our existing practice aligns seamlessly with this mandate. Phones have long been prohibited at OVS, with exceptions made only for pre-arranged communication purposes, typically related to transportation issues. In such rare cases, students are required to deposit their phones at the office and retrieve them solely for communication purposes after school hours.

As always, we remain dedicated to providing a safe, enriching environment for our students to grow academically and personally. Thank you for your continued support as we navigate these developments together.

Noho ora mai,

Rick Sayer


Ka tupuu kotahi ai tatou – TOGETHER WE GROW.

Last week  introduced to whanau our vision ‘Together We Grow’ and how it serves as a powerful analogy for the holistic development of our students – encompassing social, emotional, and academic dimensions. Today I want to explore the first of those three powerful words… TOGETHER

Together represents the social growth of our students. The word ‘Together’ emphasises the importance of unity and collaboration within our kura and school community. Here, friendships are forged, and a sense of identity and belonging is cultivated. It is within this supportive embrace of our school family, that OVS students learn to appreciate diversity, respect one another, and navigate the complexities of social dynamics. Just as a garden flourishes when nurtured collectively, so too does the social landscape of our school thrive when we ‘Grow Together.’ 


Star Spot – Celebrating Student Learning @ OVS

Every week at assembly we celebrate super OVS students, and this weeks shout out is to say a huge congratulations to our R.U.R.U award winners from the last two assemblies.
Well done to Ellie, Cyrus, Emmy and Ivy.  Awesome Learning!


New Students 2024

A warm OVS welcome to Noah, Corbin, Kaea, Rain, Max, Te Wairua, and Bailey who have started with us in Room 1 in the last two weeks.

Ōtāika Student Attendance – Priority 2024…we need 90%

Attendance, how are we tracking in the first 2 weeks of school?  Remember expected student attendance in NZ schools is 90% or above.
I was thrilled with our first 2 weeks of school that showed our ‘OVS Average’ across all classes at 87.40%. One of our highest ever.
Week 3 however was a disappointing  69.53%, as less than 70% is very poor.  It equates to 80 days per year and a staggering 5 years of missed school over 13 years!!!

Come on OVS, Let’s get our students succeeding, let’s get them to school!


The new OVS Playground – Stop Press!

The OVS Board of Trustees is pleased to inform you that at our recent meeting the purchase of our new playground was approved. The funding for this includes $30,000 previously raised by the PTA along with a significant Board contribution. We have been unable to progress this more quickly due to serious drainage issues affecting our playground and court area. We are pleased to inform you that we have secured Ministry support to remediate this, and work commenced over the break to clear and assess all the current drains. We are expecting a full remediation plan shortly which allows us to finally move on the playground and we are expecting delivery in approximately 7 weeks. Unfortunately our funding could not stretch to installation so we are going to hold good old ‘working bees’ to get it built. So sharpen those hammers and watch ensuing newsletters for our shout to all budding ‘Bob the Builders’ (of any gender) to lend us a hand! “Can we do it?…Yes we can!”
Bob | Bob The Builder Wiki | FandomPlayground Clip Art Images – Browse 11,913 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe Stock
Book Character Dress up Day!!
Get creative and dress up as your favourite book character on Thursday 11th of April!
Fern Energy – Fuel for Schools 
Yay – the fabulous Ferns’ Fuel for School’ programme has just earned our school $2020.67 !!!
To get this, our school has been nominated by a local business/farm that receives bulk fuel deliveries from Fern. For every 100 litres of bulk fuel they purchase, 50 cents is donated to our school!
We can now redeem this amount from an exciting range of sports, technology, literacy, music and environmental education packages.
We would like to take the time to mention all those members of the community listed below that  have contributed to our school:
Cochrane & Son Logging Limited
Cochrane & Son Logging Limited –
Tapuhi Road Quality Log Haulage Limited
Grimmer Contracting Ltd-704
Thank you everyone!

If you purchase fuel through Fern Energy would like to be part of this fantastic initiative please see the flyer below or contact our school.


Hey!! We’d love a $10,000 sports grant 🙂

From AA Insurance…

“Our Big Little Sponsorship” celebrates our partnership with Eden Park by championing grassroots sports in schools and giving back to the community. For the fifth year, we’re calling for nominations for two deserving primary schools (one in the North Island and one in the South Island) to each win a $10,000 sports grant.

The lucky winning schools will celebrate in style with a visit from former All Black and rugby legend, Keven Mealamu.

We also have a $2,000 and $1,000 sports grant to giveaway to our second and third place schools for each island.

We know how important sport is to Kiwi kids. It teaches fair play, teamwork, builds confidence and keeps them active, but getting the little ones match ready can be expensive.

Nominate your favourite New Zealand primary school today to help them play a little freer!



School Pool

The BOT, making this available to our school whanau over the holidays has certainly made a ‘Splash! and it has been well used. Just a reminder that this is still available for school whanau/families to use  up until the end of Term 1.
You were all sent an email with an attached School Pool Agreement and General Pool Rules but if you can’t access these, please contact the school office.
This Agreement must be signed by the PIN holder, and payment of $50.00 must be made prior to receiving a PIN code to have access to the school pool.
If you have further queries please contact the school office on admin@otaika.school.nz

Digital Citizenship

Otaika Valley School believes in providing a safe and responsible ICT learning environment for all students.  We request caregivers and students to follow our ICT rules by completing the online Responsible Use Agreement form: This from is different this year and requests that you pay careful attention to permissions to allow us to use student photos in the everyday celebration of school life. Please read the options carefully and contact us if you have any questions.



Student Details Update

Please let Jen in the office know if any details have changed, such as:

  • Home address
  • Caregiver/Emergency contacts phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Living arrangements (eg: court orders, custody etc)
  • Medical/allergies
  • New siblings


Free Healthy School Lunch Programme

Just a reminder that if you would like your child to receive a free lunch each day and they have any food allergies and/or special dietary needs, please complete this online form  https://bit.ly/dietaryovs.If you have submitted a response, we will contact Libelle (supplier) who will ensure your child’s needs are catered for.(If we don’t receive a response, we will assume your child has no food allergies and/or dietary requirements and they will receive a free lunch).***Alternatively, please let us know as soon as possible if you prefer for your child not to receive free school lunches.(Please pack extra food for your child for your child for their morning/afternoon snacks)

Here is a chance to give soccer football a go!

The Central Brown Football Club run a free Twilight Soccer Football night on Thursday’s, starting 07/03/2024 and running until 11/04/2024 (five nights in total… we miss out Thursday 28/03/2024) from 4:30pm to 5:30pm at Otaika Sports Park (Bluegoose, SH1 Raumanga/Otaika) for ages from 8 to 15

 Just turn up on the night (please be there ready to play at 4:30) and you’ll be put into a team for three 15 minute small sided games. 

 You don’t have to have played before, you don’t have to be a member of any club; you can be a member of another club; for boys and girls.

 Any queries please contact nigel.gilmour@gmail.com or phone 027 307 5877





Dates 2024
Meet the Teacher – 28 February
Room 1&2 camp: 7 March
Room 4&5 camp: 14-15 March
Room 6&7 camp: 20-22 March
Easter break – Please note. Friday 29 March – 2 April school is closed. We resume on April 3rd.
Book Character Dress up Day – 11 April
Term 1: 7 February –  April 12.
Term 2: 29 April – 5 July
Term 3: 22 July – 27 September
Term 4: 14 October – 18 December


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