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21 October 2021

Kia ora koutou

We are proceeding with Ag and Flower day under Level 2 as previously outlined.  This day is a high priority for the school.  If it rains we carry on.  Mr Brock will judge rearing on Tuesday / Wednesday of next week, so practise over the long weekend.  More details about judging criteria is in the newsletter dated 30th September 21, under News & Updates / Ag Day & Flower Show.

All children to bring a change of clothes please.

Children bring a box to pack their exhibits into for the end of the day to take home.


  • LEVEL 2 – due to restrictions with gatherings  – MOH
  • Organisation for the day at school


LEVEL 2 – due to restrictions with gatherings  – MOH

  • Lambs and Goats will be judged at school in our pens
  • The field will be cordoned off to separate the parents of children with lambs/goats from the rest of the school staff/children
  • Only parents/or designated adult x2 per family of children with animals will be allowed on the field
  • Vehicles for animals will be parked on the field
  • Animals will be judged with only the parents of these children, with the school children and staff watching
  • Ribbons and Cups will be awarded as soon as the judges decision has been made
  • All Ag animals will be taken home by the parents after the short prize giving
  • ALL OTHER parents unfortunately will not be able to attend Ag & Flower Show day – drop off of their children at the school gate only
  • PARENTS will not be able to view the class exhibits
  • Teachers will post each child’s exhibits to their seesaw account for family viewing
  • Staff will run a normal sausage sizzle only on the day
  • Quad bike rides are planned to go ahead – gold coin donation – nobody misses 0ut
  • Staff will organise some other activities for the afternoon


Organisation for the day at school


Ag Prep day on Thursday the day before Ag and Flower Day

  • Children finish off a number of exhibits 
  • Teachers judge each other’s class – award certificates for display on Friday – a big job
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Highly Commended


Ag Animal vehicles only are able to park on the field.

Ag animals to be penned in the entrance to the wetland area – far end of field

Parking areas roped off for vehicles from the container to the posts on the far end of the field

Parents of animals not to cross the rope into the judging area

Parent wear masks and 2m distancing

BBQ set up outside R6 & 7

9am – Roll call

9:07 – Classroom Flower Show Exhibit viewing for students – teachers take own class on a school classroom walk thru 


  • NO PARENTS IN CLASSES – due to Covid 19


9:15 – students with animals meet at the pens

9:30 – Animal judging starts

9:45 – Whole school sits down around the judging pens to watch the animal judging – 40 to 45mins

  • 3 lamb pens
    • Y1/2 lambs and all goats (x2)
    • Y3/4 lambs
    • Y5/6 lambs
  • ribbons awarded in each pen after each section – champion/reserve champ awarded for each pen
  • champion ring for overall champion / reserve and cups
  • When champion round finished – children take animals to vehicles 
  • Parents leave with animals

10:30 – School children watching – when the children have had enough, take them back to class

LIMITED ACTIVITIES – due to Covid19 


  • Teachers pack up rooms – children pack exhibits to take home
  • Rotation order 
    • Class does quad ride first (if raining get wet) – Mr Brock & Gareth Bourke
    • Slippery slide after quad ride in wet gear
    • Then changed and warm inside
  • Classes make popcorn container from paper – watch “Babe” or “Charlotte’s Web” – animal theme
  • Quad bike ride with Mr Brock/Gareth – take a class per time
  • Do all of this in the rain or hopefully it is fine?

Kind regards

Terry and staff

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