Tomorrows Paid Union Meetings for Teachers

24 November 2022

Kia ora koutou,

Firstly, my apologises for the late newsletter in regards to tomorrows paid union meetings.  I have been on sick leave for the last two days, supporting my elderly father who has just had major surgery and health challenges and health system challenges.

Yesterday, I attended the Principal Paid Union Meetings and like my colleagues have come away seriously disappointed with implications for primary principals and the lack of resourcing and support to lead primary schools in New Zealand.

Teacher/Principal Paid Union Meetings:  This month on 25 November, teachers will be attending paid union meetings to consider the government offer.  The meetings will be held with teachers covering classes for the hour long meetings, so there will be no disruption for our community.  This is not just about an increase in salary, it is also about improving resourcing to allow all students to reach their potential.  This includes lower teacher/pupil ratios, increased staffing and management to allow teachers and principals to meet current demands, access to teacher aides, counsellors and specialists.  Primary is asking for similar funding for staffing and release as secondary, as currently there is significant difference.

We would appreciate community support also – children will be the ones to benefit – For more information visit:




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