Week 8 Term 1 – Real Time Reporting update & the importance…

25th March 2022


Kia ora Koutou

Real Time Reporting Update – implications of covid/student attendance challenges


As many of you are aware, we are not having parent/teacher interviews this term during the omicron peak.  

This highlights the importance of teachers and whanau utilising our Seesaw real time reporting process to share learning, assessments and classroom/school life .  We endeavor to get a full picture of your child’s learning across the curriculum during term 1 and 2, followed up by a written report later in term 2.   Due to multiple households isolating(mostly as household contacts)/sickness, some children’s real time assessments may be delayed or be posted at different times to the rest of the class.  Staff are juggling the classroom organisation of balancing teaching and learning, as well as making sure all children have completed assessments.   


Thank you to all families who have isolated during times of sickness to keep the school open and operating during this term.  Your collective support, we believe, has allowed us to be fully staffed up to the end of week 8.  Many other schools have not been as fortunate.  This may change for us at any time.


Explanation of our existing reporting process

Reporting at Otaika Valley School

Written reports:


  • Will show how your child is achieving at mid-year/end-year only in regards to their age expectation in Reading, Writing, Maths, the school RURU values and curriculum key competencies.  
  • The general comment communicates cross curricula – effort – social – emotional – possible next steps


Real Time Reporting – happens all the time – (SEESAW app used to communicate)

  • To make sure information about a student’s progress and achievement is in “real time”
  • Ongoing regular progress and achievement will be reported through the seesaw app across the curriculum areas
  • Some of these assessments will show how your child is performing against their age expectation and also give examples of the learning focus for parents/caregivers to help or show interest
  • Some activities just show a window into classroom life
  • Ensures there are no learning surprises for parents and allows more learning conversations with families
  • To strengthen home and school communication about learning
  • A selection of activities will be used to show where a child is at for their age 

(Achievement level communicates age expectation)

  • A selection of activities will show how we do things at school 

(the process for student learning)

  • Real Time Reporting should…
    • help the child
    • help the parent/caregiver
    • help the teacher

Ngā Mihi

The Leadership Team


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