Term 3 – Week 10 brief update

28 September 2021

Kia ora koutou


Firstly a reminder that Thursday is the last day of term – due to our teacher only day.

We are in the last week of term which has been extremely busy at Otaika Valley School.  Unfortunately the frantic pace has resulted in an upper chest cough for your principal.  As required I contacted Healthline for advice, which was to get a test and stay home.  We also have another staff member in the same situation today.  Last week it was another staff member.

I intended getting out a more informative newsletter at the end of this week.  Tomorrow night our Board of Trustees was going to meet, but this is under question ( I will not be able to attend).  One of our discussions was going to be the format for Ag and Flower Show day on the 29th of October under the present level 2.  I really wanted our parents to know the outcome of those discussions.  One things is for certain under level 2 students will be getting their animals judged at school, as a high priority.

Building Works

We have a fence up behind the Libary/Room 4 with ground works happening for our new LSC room.  This is a small room for the Learning Support Teacher Sandra Hanson to work within our school.  We share Sandra with Morningside School and are excited to have welcomed her onto our staff this week.  She will be working mostly on a Wednesday and Friday each week within our school.  Having Sandra supporting students and teachers with learning will be a game changer for us.

During the holidays, new carpet is going in the library, Room 5 and Room 7.  Autex (soft coloured stuff) is going on the walls of Room 5 and Library.  New lino for Room 5 & 7.  New ceiling fans in Room 5,6,7.  New extractor fans in Room 5,6&7 to reduce the heat on very hot days.  These projects are part of the many property upgrades planned for this year and next.

All of these room upgrades has required an end of year style strip of all learning material/TV’s and linings off these walls.  The library has had many books required to be boxed up.  A lot of furniture has been moved and stored in limited spaces to allow for the carpet, autex and fan installation.  This has all been a bit disruptive to learning this week, and possibly the first day back to school with students helping put it all back together again.   We ask for understanding during this short time and look forward to some much nicer looking rooms.

The next projects are…

  • the expansion of the boys toilets by Room 3/4.
  • an expansion of the toilets between Room 5 & 6
  • room 3 & 4 upgrade and that block reconfigure of spaces for learning

Robyn Drake

Robyn our wonderfully multi skilled teacher aid/admin assistant/After School Care leader and general handy-women has been instrumental in guiding, sorting getting us all through the logistics.  She was awarded a RURU certificate at assembly this morning.  The staff in particular really appreciate her flexibility, expertise and skills over this time.  Robyn has made everyones job easier trying to teach and work around these challenges.   She has been presented with a well-being appreciation gift today.  Thanks Robyn, you are a legend.

I hope to get another newsletter out with other information by the end of the week or maybe in the holidays.

I may or may not be back depending on if I am well and symptom free with a clear covid test.


Kind regards




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