SH1 Loop Road intersection – August 2021


First stage of construction now complete

Construction of the SH1 Loop Road Safety Improvements project is now complete.

However, due to a wet winter, there is final road surfacing of the southbound lanes heading into the roundabout required later this year.

Until then, you may see a small crew working away from the road completing fencing, landscaping and other minor finishing works.

Since construction commenced in March 2019, our team have completed the following improvements:

SH1/SH15 Loop Road (north) intersection

  • constructed a single lane roundabout at the intersection of Loop Road (north) and SH1
  • completed earthworks, built foundations and installed stormwater culverts for future expansion of roundabout to two lanes
  • extended northbound passing lane south to connect with new roundabout
  • constructed footpaths at the roundabout
  • built a new road access into the quarry from SH15
  • installed new lighting and signage
  • installed new edge barriers, traffic islands and wire rope barriers
  • enhanced environment through planting, landscaping and installation of a fish ladder (further detail in story below).

The new roundabout at Loop Road has significantly improved safety and access for freight and communities south of Whangārei. Scroll down to see what the intersection of SH1/Loop Road looked like in March 2019.

SH1/Portland Road intersection

  • improved safety at Portland Road intersection, through road widening to support safer right turns and a left turn slip lane into Portland Road
  • built a turnaround facility on Portland Road for Oaks Road and SH1 properties south of new bridge (once second stage of project is delivered)
  • stopped vehicles entering and exiting at the intersection of Loop Road (south) and SH1 to improve safety on the state highway as well as remove ‘through traffic’ past Otaika School and residential area.

SH15 Otaika Valley Road/Loop Road (south) intersection

  • constructed a concrete speed table on the Loop Road (south) side of the SH15 intersection
  • widened SH15 near the Loop Road (south) intersection on Otaika Valley Road
  • removed the old concrete bus shelter on Loop Road
  • installed footpaths on Loop Road (south) and Otaika Valley Road (through the intersection area only)
  • improved vehicle and pedestrian access to Te Parawhau property on Otaika Valley Road
  • installed two streetlights


A wet winter delays final road surfacing at northern end of project

Our contractors are currently investigating better options for the final road sealing north of the roundabout, to ensure a more robust road surface that can withstand heavy rain events and heavy vehicles.

As the ground is currently wet and winter temperatures too low for sealing, contractors will return in October/November this year to apply the final surface to this section.

We have applied a coat of seal to protect the metal underneath from rain penetration, however this is not strong enough to allow traffic on it without causing significant damage.



Increasing the roundabout to two lanes

When construction of the new roundabout commenced in March 2019, our contractors were tasked with delivering a single-lane roundabout, plus additional earthworks, foundations and culverts, to ensure the roundabout could be increased to two lanes in the future.

Towards the end of 2019, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency approved additional funding to bring forward the construction of the larger dual-lane roundabout.

Increasing the Loop Road roundabout to two lanes means an additional southbound lane is required on SH1 as well as a new bridge to accommodate the additional lane. The new bridge and lane will ensure southbound traffic exiting the roundabout have a safe distance to merge back into a single lane before Portland Road.

The new bridge will be constructed to the east of the existing bridge, which will be kept for northbound traffic only. The new bridge will be constructed to our current design standards which mean it will be approximately 1.8 metres higher than the existing bridge on SH1.

The higher bridge structure means right turns into, or out of, Oaks Road will not be possible. Northbound and southbound lanes will be separated by a centre wire-rope barrier. We have constructed a safe turning area on Portland Road for Oaks Road and SH1 residents to make right turns.

Resource consents have been issued and we are aiming to get underway within the next construction season.


Fish on the move

A fish ladder has been installed at the northern end of the project, to assist with the migratory and breeding habits of native eels and fish species.

The ladder is situated on the western side of State Highway 1, north of the roundabout and quarry.

When eels and fish swim through the culvert under the highway and reach the new manhole on the on the other side, the ladder allows them to climb up the side of the manhole and make their way to the old culvert under the quarry haul road and then onto the pond and stream on the other side.

We hope to see the fish ladder assist many of our local aquatic neighbours to travel safely.


Temporary speed limits to remain in place

Until our contractors return to complete the final road sealing north of the roundabout later this year, temporary speed limits will remain in place on State Highway 1.

North of the roundabout this will remain at 50km/hr and south of the roundabout the temporary speed limit will be raised to 80km/hr once you pass the site office entrance.



Contact the SH1 Loop Road project team

If you have any concerns or queries about upcoming works, please call Mel Norris from Fulton Hogan on 0800 577 623.

Road users can also contact Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency at any time on 0800 44 44 49.

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