School Pool Helpers Requested

Kia ora Koutou

I need parent help with the school pool.


By screwing in a pool vacuum hose and adjusting a few knobs and vacuuming the bottom of the school pool in the mornings before 9:40am.

By back flushing the pool filter to keep the water clean.

By getting a net to scoop up the dead insects from the surface.


  • To vacuum up the sediment, leaves etc that settle overnight on the bottom of the pool when nobody is swimming.
  • To suck the dirty parts into the pool filter to clean the pool


Each morning on a roster with other parents.  This can be a week on for 5 days and done at morning drop off time, as long as it is before 9:40am to allow the first class in.

The whole process can be done between 20 and 25mins.


I maintain the pool water quality and get supported by Chris Bignell, a past parent who has also done a pool course.  Chris adds any minerals/chemical in during the evenings for me or on the weekends.  By me doing the pool and not employing a caretaker it allows us to save considerable money.  This money goes into other aspects of school costs.  Traditionally, we have had five fantastic parents who help me our by doing the vacuuming.  This allows me to focus on the important school business.

I strongly believe in regular swimming each day for all children.

If you can help me, the children and the community out, we would all really appreciate it.


Kind regards


Terry Brock


Otaika Valley School





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