Term 2 – Week 9

Term 2 – Week 9

29 June 2022

Kia ora koutou,

I hope your extra long weekend for Matariki was a good one.  School has been immensely busy for me lately as I’m trying to catch up after battling winter bugs/viruses and who knows what else.  This has been the pattern for many families with a high amount of students/families off with sickness.  Thank you very much for keeping students at home so that we maintain classrooms that are more bug free.

Our teachers and teacher aides were on a bit of a high after a top quality ‘Teacher Only Day’ last Thursday.  All teachers and myself came away very inspired about teaching content linked to the NZ Histories curriculum.  Next term staff are planning the first NZ History focus, starting with creation stories.  We will update you as we go next term.

I have just finished reading your children’s student reports, which I didn’t get to do at the end of last year due to the complexities of Covid and mandates within schools.  I was absolutely determined to read them all myself as this gives me a really good overview of student successes/challenges.  The staff had finished their reports within the set timeframe (thanks team), but I was unable to complete them in time to send them out in week 8 and have teacher/parent interviews this term, which was the goal.  Therefore, student reports will go out on Tuesday next week and we will have the interviews early next term.  The leadership team will plan a date for interviews to fit around our Education Review Office (ERO) visit in week 1 of next term.  Interviews maybe in week 2 now – we will let you know and put out a booking form in due course.

2022 Agricultural Day and Flower Show

With Education Outside the Classroom Covid Rules for Orange – we have no limit on the event other than masks for adults entering classrooms to view exhibits.

It is that time of year again.  Some of you may have already started thinking about a lamb or goat for our annual Ag and Flower Show day.  This traditional New Zealand rural school event offers a unique experience that will be remembered for life.

For new families to our school, we have had lambs and sometimes goats at school during the day throughout Term three and into Term 4.  Lambs, calves and goats born after 1st July are raised at home, with many families bringing the lambs and goats to school to enjoy and be fed multiple times throughout the day.   The lambs and goats arrive in all sorts of interesting ways (mostly inside cars) and are housed in special fencing on the school grounds, then go home at night.  The children then feed them with a rotating friend, so that many children get to enjoy the special experience these animals provide.  Calves stay at home until the Ag and Flower Show Day.  Mycoplasma bovis disease has some rules to follow with calves entering in school and Area Agricultural Days.  When we have an update from the Central Day committee, I will pass it on.  Below was the last year information for calf entry for Ag Day.

The children gain valuable lessons about life through raising a baby animal. These animals usually have a grassed, fenced paddock to live in and a shelter of some sort or a animal cover for calves.  A lamb or goat can use a small shelter such as a dog kennel or an A frame shelter. There is a lot to know about keeping an animal and we offer some resources and advice.  If you’re thinking about it, come and talk to Terry.

In 2019 we had some high intensity animal farming lessons here at school.  Due to the larger numbers of animals on site being housed in close quarters (the old chook house), an animal disease was spread (scabby mouth).  The area was treated last year and we finished the term with no animals on site.  In 2020, we will insist on vaccinated and drenched animals on site with no runny poo, or illnesses, to keep the flock disease free.  We will also, house them in open spaces with movable shelter covers.  This year they will be back behind the nursery shelter by R4.

Vaccination and drenching forms will be provided to all animal prior to lambs/goats being allowed on site in our animal nursery.

A bit about the day…

On the day, we start at 9am with the roll call, then the classes rotate around the school visiting all classrooms to view each class’s exhibits.  Sand saucers, vaseline plates, flowers, handwriting samples, sprouting grass heads, miniature scenes etc. The teachers will have prejudged these the afternoon before Ag Day.  All children with a lamb, goat or calf look after their animals during this time.  We normally have 3 animal rings running, to judge on leading, rearing and calling for lambs/goats with no calling for calves.  Ribbons are given out during judging while the school watches on.  We normally have trailer rides behind a quad bike, and a few Ag themed games on the field.

The PTA (Parent/Teacher Association) run a food tent as a fundraiser and fun treat for the children, with a bit of sometimes food.  This will be a fine chance to get new parents involved in supporting our school and meeting new people.


Example of Calf Entry form below


Otaika Valley School

Calf Entry Form


Child’s Full Name: __________________________________________

Child’s age: __________________________________________

Contact Name and Number of Parent / Guardian: __________________________________________

Calf must be Nait registered.        Nait Number: __________________________________________

  • Calves must be born on your property and not mixed with calves that were not born on your property
  • Calves from different herds or farms must be transported to and from calf club separately and be kept at least 2 metres apart at all times.
  • No sick calves may attend the event.
  • Calves must be Nait registered with their Nait number supplied on the entry form.
  • Calves, Pens and Trailers must be set up to maintain physical distancing of at least 2 meters.
  • Calves to have access to separate individual food and water containers.
  • Calves to wear a halter and be under control or tied up at all times.
  • Separate entry and exit points to the parade area will be maintained.
  • Child and calf must have a parent/adult to assist for the duration of judging (to ensure correct procedures are followed).
  • Parent/Guardian cannot enter while knowingly being under any level of investigation by MPI for Mycoplasma Bovis.

As Parent/Guardian of the above registered child I understand and adhere to all of the above requirements.

Name: __________________________________________ Signature: _______________________________

Kind regards

Terry Brock

An enthusiastic principal who loves Ag & Flower Show Day



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