Term 1 week 11

11th April 22

Kia ora parents/caregivers,


Getting through…

The last week of term is on us.  I would like to acknowledge the staff for their hard work and care of the children through this term.  At the time of writing this newsletter we have only had one day when we could not staff Room 6 and asked those parents to keep children home.   Being able to staff our classes was/is a huge accomplishment, it involved lots of planning and care with systems at school, parental support keeping children away when they are sick and a lot of luck.  Over the last 7 weeks I have talked with principal colleagues about their schools with some classes with over 1/2 the children away with positive cases coming from school, as well as real challenges with staffing.  We have been very fortunate to get through to the last short week without this happening.  The vast majority of our student cases have been household contacts (not coming from school).

But it is finally changing with a few cases now in two classes that are possibly coming from school.  Room 4 and 6 are now in this situation.  Hopefully the holiday break will break and spreading of covid and we get another fresh start to Term 2.  Please make sure you do not send your child to school if they have symptoms to keep everyone safer.


Otaika Valley School children…

The biggest celebration has been a whole term focussed on teaching and learning.  I have really enjoyed being the principal of Otaika Valley School this term.  I have enjoyed the smiling faces of children, their high energy and positive approach to school.  My favourite times have been my walk through of classes, where children are excited to greet you and interact, share a joke, share learning or seek out a bit of fun.  I take great pleasure in listening to the certificates and awards being read out at assemblies as they tell the stories of success, challenge, attitude to learning and interactions with other students and their teachers.  There have been so many success stories.  I feel very thankful that we have had this time at school, with students and focussed on learning.  Let us hope we have as much of this time possible during 2022.


Rain on the way…

Looking to Tuesday this week the prediction is for rain starting around midday, getting heavy by 3pm to 12am.  Depending on how heavy the rainfall is the rivers may be under pressure on Wednesday morning.  I will drive out early to monitor the levels.  If they are in flood and the school closes then I will communicate through email.  Please have a quick check of your morning emails for the fastest information.


Hopefully we all get through the next 3 and a bit days and you enjoy your time with your children over the holiday break.

Kind regards


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