22 November 2021

Kia ora koutou

PLEASE LET US KNOW your intentions for 2022…

… so that we can plan next years classes to meet individual students needs as best as we can.  We will be starting the process at next weeks staff meeting.

Therefore, parents/caregivers can help us meet the children’s needs by letting us know if they are NOT returning to school next year.

If you are a family that is moving on please let me know by emailing principal@otaika.school.nz.


This allows us to do the following…


The Process of organising classes

  • principal takes out all students who are moving to Y7 or other schools/areas
  • create an excel spreadsheet of students names, year level, existing class, DOB
  • print and chop up names
  • staff meeting – create class sizes based on senior class down into composites (Y5/6, Y5/4, etc)
  • physically group children (paper copy only) together into a big jig saw based on age, year level on large tables

The hard part

  • teachers then move children around based on academic/social factors/friends/students they clash with/behaviour
  • this process takes considerable time and discussion
  • when we get close to finished, students will be moved back/reorganised and discussed again and again
  • class lists and teachers rooms will be published at the end of the year


Kind regards





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